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What is a fluid category?

Schedule 1 of the water fittings regulations in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, byelaws in Scotland, classify the health risk posed by potential contaminants using a scale called fluid categories. 

There are five fluid categories in total the lowest being 1 no risk the highest 5 a serious health hazard. 

Fluid Category 




Wholesome (drinking) water supplied by the undertaker

water direct from a water undertaker’s main


Wholesome (drinking) water which has been changed either heated or altered in taste, odour or appearance  

Hot water 


Fluids posing a slight health hazard

low toxicity chemicals such as common disinfectants


Fluids posing a significant health hazard.

Toxic substances such as pesticides and environmental organisms


Fluids posing a serious health hazard

Pathogenic organisms, radioactive or very toxic substances such as faecal matter



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