Bathroom Backflow Risks

Bidets adjacent to toilets

Bidet showers adjacent to toilets are considered to be a fluid category 5 risk meaning both the cold water, and where appropriate hot water, must be supplied via a suitable form of fluid category 5 backflow prevention. For example via a break tank arrangement incorporating a Type AB air gap.

The installation of bidet showers is notifiable in Scotland and Northern Irelandand could be notifiable, for example as a material changeof use in England and Wales. If notification is not required, for example because it is undertaken by an approved contractor, there remains a legal obligation for the premises owner or occupier to ensure the plumbing work is fully compliant with the water fittings regulations, byelaws in Scotland.

Providing the water is not to be used for drinking, cooking or any other forms of washing, the local water undertaker may be willing to consider permitting under conditional consent the use of the same dedicated fluid category 5 backflow protection and distribution arrangement to supply multiple bidet shower arrangements or another bidet, toilet or urinal in the same bathroom. Please note this will be dependent upon advanced notification of any proposed installation, including any to be completed by an approved contractor




















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