Specific Installation Guidance

B​ackflow protection

T​ype AB air gap: unrestricted discharge from weir overflow

To be considered as providing fluid category 5 backflow protection, in addition to maintaining a suitable air gap, the water pathway to a Type AB air gap overflow, and discharge from the weir itself, must be unrestricted.

If the overflow is located close to another surface, such as a wall or other installation behind, in front or below the overflow, the gap between the discharge point and these surfaces must be sufficient to accommodate full discharge unimpeded. One way to demonstrate this is to ensure there is a clearance equivalent in shape and size to the weir overflow which is maintained to the air break to drain or floor level.

That is to say a clearance equivalent in shape, size and orientation to the ‘letterbox’ shape of the overflow is maintained to either floor level (so any discharge flows freely i.e. is not restricted by surfaces) or an air break to drain.












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