Specific Installation Guidance



Installing pipework

The water fittings regulations in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, byelaws in Scotland, include a number of specific requirements for installing pipework, including but not limited to:

  • Pipe work must be of an appropriate quality and standard
  • Suitability for installation, factors to be considered include but are not limited to:
    • compatibility of pipework with other water fittings within a plumbing system
    • the environment in which the pipework is to be installed
    • the operational parameters to which the pipework will be subjected
    • any installation requirements and/or constraints which affect how the pipework can be installed
    • installation backflow risks

If the installation of the pipework is notifiable installation advice required should be provided as part of the notification process.

If it is not notifiable there remains a legal obligation for the premises owner or occupier to ensure the plumbing work is fully compliant with the water fittings regulations, byelaws in Scotland. To assist installers and their clients water undertakers and Water Regs UK publish installation guidance on a range of topics including pipe identification and information on schedule 2 paragraph 7: please refer to the local water undertaker’s or Water Regs UK websites for further details.

For further information contact the local water undertaker.


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