Specific Installation Guidance



Insulating Pipework 

Because external water fittings can be subjected to localised climatic conditions, which may require specific precautions, the installation of water fittings outside a building or at depths less than 750 mm is notifiable, under regulation 5 of the water fittings regulations in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, byelaws in Scotland. Advice on insulation should be provided as part of the notification process.  

If the installation of the pipework is not notifiable there remains a legal obligation for the premises owner or occupier to ensure the plumbing work is fully compliant with the water fittings regulations, byelaws in Scotland. To assist installers water undertakers and Water Regs UK publish installation guidance on a range of topics including for installation exposed to low temperatures, such as in attic spaces, a pipe insulator tool, which can be used as a guide when calculating insulation needs. 

Please note the pipe insulation tool is not suitable where there will be no water demand for periods exceeding 12 hours or an increase in ambient temperature after 12 hours is unlikely. Where this is likely to be the case the local water undertaker should be contacted for advice.

For further information contact the local water undertaker.


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