Notification: Overview

What work needs to be notified in advance?

Although broadly similar there are differences in the notification requirements in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Any questions please contact the local water undertaker for advice.

Common notification requirements:

Proposed plumbing work: notification requirements which apply in all parts of the UK

The erection of any new building or structure

The extension or alteration of the water system in any premises except a domestic dwelling

A material change of use of any premises

(i.e. a change in purpose, for example, converting a pub into a home or the installation of a system storing or using fluids categorised as a fluid category 4 or 5 risk. For example, the installation of a rainwater harvesting system, new high risk catering equipment or any new installation in healthcare properties)

Construction of a pond or swimming pool with a capacity greater than 10,000 litres filled with mains water and replenished automatically  


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