Regulation 4(1)(a) & 4(2): Overview

What is meant by evidence of regulation 4(1)(a) compliance? 

This is evidence to show a water fitting is of an appropriate quality and standard for installation. 

Water undertakers will consider evidence of compliance provided on a case and site specific basis. 

Whilst this evidence must satisfy another regulation [4(2)], water undertakers have no preference for, or require it to be in a specific form. Typically, they will consider declarations of performance issued against designated standards, product certification and test reports.  

Please note: 

  1. Because a water fitting must comply with all parts of the regulations being of an appropriate quality and standard does not, of itself, guarantee compliance with the regulations. 
  2. The latest available edition or version of guidance or specifications should always be used. 
  3. In respect of equivalence water undertaker retain absolute discretion in assessing whether a national specification provides an equivalent level of protection and performance to that specified in an appropriate British Standard. For information regarding the equivalence of a performance specification please contact your water undertaker.

For further information please refer to Regulation 4(1)(a) compliance guidance and BS 6920 Compliance Overview.

Any questions please contact the local water undertaker for advice.



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