A. Yes – The installation of a towel radiator or warmer on a domestic hot water system is acceptable provided that: 

(a) The radiator, valves and any other fittings used to make this connection are manufactured from materials which are suitable for use with wholesome water, such as stainless steel or copper; and 

(b) Adequate flow through the radiator is maintained at all times, and under no circumstances should the hot water in the radiator be allowed to stagnate; and 

(c) The system design has taken into consideration the guidance given in clauses G18.2(1) and G18.4(2) (of Defra’s Guidance) for hot water distribution temperatures. This being the case it is likely that such a radiator can only be installed on the return of a domestic hot water system.

Defra Guidance

(1) G18.2 Hot water should be stored at a temperature of not less than 60°C and distributed at a temperature of not less than 55°C. This water distribution temperature may not be achievable where hot water is provided by instantaneous or combination boilers.

(2) G18.3 The maintenance of acceptable water temperatures may be achieved by efficient routing of pipes, reducing the lengths of pipes serving individual appliances and the application of good insulation practices to minimise freezing of cold water pipes and to promote energy conservation for hot water pipes.

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