When notifying plumbing work, the following information must be sent to the local water supplier:

  • The name and address of the person giving notice and, if different, of the person to whom the consent should be sent.
  • A description of the proposed work and any related change of use of premises.
  • The location of the premises and their use or intended use.
  • Except for items below, a plan of that part of the premises which relates to the proposed work and a diagram showing the pipework and fittings to be installed.
  • A bath larger than 230 litres (measured to the centre of the overflow);
  • A shower unit of a type specified by the Regulator (but none is currently specified); 
  • A garden watering system unless designed to be a hand-operated one; 
  • Construction of an automatically-replenished pond or swimming pool of more than 10,000 litres. 

The plumbing contractor’s name and address, if an approved contractor, such as a WaterSafe Approved Plumbing Business is used to do the work.

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