RPZ Valve Testers

RPZ valve in operation

What are RPZ valves?

Type BA backflow protection devices are more commonly known as Reduced Pressure Zone valves or RPZ valves.  It is a legal requirement to have these devices checked on a regular basis, at least yearly, to ensure they provide the backflow protection required.

All installations, commissioning and testing must be carried out in accordance with Water Suppliers' Approved Installation Method AIM-08-01. The RPZ AIM 08-01 has been updated and Issue 2 was published in January 2020. The 12-month transition period ended on 7 January 2021 when Issue 1 was withdrawn and is no longer recognised. From 7 January 2021 all installations, commissioning, testing and reporting must be carried out in accordance with Issue 2 which can be found in the guidance section of the website.

Need an RPZ Tester?

Water Regs UK no longer lists RPZ testers, if you need an RPZ tester, Approved Contractor schemes such as WIAPS, TAPS, APLUS, WaterMark and SNIPEF, are operating specific sector recognition for RPZ testers.

You can find details of RPZ testers direct from these schemes or you can find a local tester through the WaterSafe website.

RPZ valve testing

Test reports must be received by water undertakers in a timely manner and no later than 10 working days. On our contacts page testers can find the contact details for water companies some of whom have provided dedicated contact points for RPZ valve testing and reports.