Schools guidance published

New technical guidance has been published for water systems in educational establishments.  It provides advice on potential backflow risks in schools, colleges and other higher education establishments but does not cover universities.

It focuses on installations supplying water for non-domestic use and does not cover water supplied for domestic purposes such as drinking and hand washing.

The document although not exhaustive provides information on school laboratories and food technology rooms, sports and leisure facilities as well as other water systems found within them.

It is needed because high risk contaminants are likely to be present within particular facilities within the buildings (e.g. in a school laboratory). The plumbing distribution system supplying water to these must be protected with appropriate backflow prevention device(s) ensuring the health and wellbeing of not only the students and staff on site is not affected, but also public health in the wider community.

Copies are free to download from the resources section of the WRAS website - and WRAS subscribers would like to express their appreciation to CLEAPSS for their assistance in preparing this guide.