'Looking after water in your home' guide published

WRAS has collaborated with Water UK to help develop 'Looking after water in your home' - a new booklet, providing advice to homeowners with properties connected to the public water supply. 

Water UK - the trade body for water companies in the UK - developed the document with WRAS to help homeowners keep drinking water safe inside the boundary of their homes. It offers advice and tips on how to protect the water by ensuring the quality of plumbing installations, ultimately keeping homeowners and their families safe. 

The booklet, which is available on the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme website, includes information on:

  • Responsibility and Approved Products
  • Hygiene and quality 
  • Treating water in the home
  • Drinking water storage (tanks or cisterns)
  • Staining of fixtures and fittings
  • Outside your home
  • Lead pipes
  • Preparing for freezing weather
  • Approved plumber schemes

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