Consultation on the Water Industry’s AIM 08-01 for RPZ valves

The water industry, through WRAS, is consulting on a proposed revision to Water Undertakers’ Approved Installation Method (AIM 08-01) – Type BA Device – Verifiable Backflow Preventer with Reduced Pressure Zone (RPZ Valve).

This consultation provides stakeholders and interested parties the opportunity to review and comment on the proposed revision.  The consultation period will begin on 27 March 2015 and will close on 19 June 2015.

AIM 08-01 Summary

The Approved Installation Method – AIM 08-01 sets out the water industry’s requirements for the installation and on-site testing of RPZ valves. The purpose of the AIM is to ensure that RPZ valves are installed and commissioned so as to comply with the requirements of The Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations, The Water Supply (Water Fittings) Byelaws in Scotland,as well as to demonstrate on-going conformity with the requirements of Regulation/Byelaw 3(3). It sets out:

  • Information needed by designers, installers, premises owners and users when considering the installation of a RPZ valve
  • Detailed requirements for advanced notification and installation
  • Procedures and methods for the commissioning and compliance testing of RPZ valves, to demonstrate compliance at the time of installation and on-going compliance thereafter
  • Example forms and additional information to assist testers and those responsible for RPZ valves

Your views

We would encourage all interested parties to comment on any aspect of this proposed revision. Full details including how to respond can be found on our website at

Following consultation the WRAS RPZ Working Group will prepare a final draft of AIM 08-01 for approval by WRAS membership prior to seeking the Regulators’ approval in accordance with the relevant requirements of the Water Fittings Regulations/Byelaws.