Become an Approved Catering Installer

There are two basic requirements to become an Approved Catering Installer.

  1. You must hold a recognised qualification that has been developed for the Catering Installer sector in Water Regulations Knowledge.
  2. You must hold the relevant minimum level of liability insurance.

The training and assessment for this sector is currently delivered within the Water Industry of England & Wales. If you are a member of CEDA/CESA please contact the associations directly to arrange a training and assessment session. Alternatively, and for those who are not members of the trade associations, for details of scheduled sessions please contact WIAPS on 0333 207 9030 Option 1.

A certificate in the knowledge of Water Regulations can be accepted for membership of the Catering Installer sector. For a list of accepted Certificates in the knowledge of Water Regulations please click here.

For a company employing more than one person, the minimum required level of insurance required is £5m employer liability and £2m public liability. For sole traders, a minimum of £2m public liability insurance is required.

Membership of WIAPS as an approved Catering Installer carries a one off application fee, currently £60.00 + VAT.

If you meet the above requirements, or to enquire further about training, please contact WIAPS on 01495 983 010 option 1.