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Plumbing projects are the number one diy disaster in UK homes

Survey reveals that plumbing professionals are called in more often than any other trade to fix a botched DIY job A new survey has confirmed that plumbers are the UK’s most used tradespeople when it comes to fixing problems caused by ‘have-a-go DIY-ers’. Water Regs UK compared a range of typical

One in seven householders now insist on approved plumbers

New survey shows millions of UK people trust approved contractors’ schemes Water Regs UK is urging installers to apply for approved contractor status, after its new survey revealed that millions of domestic customers check to see if installers are approved. Over 2,000 UK householders* were asked

WIAPS Education sector launched

Education membership sector is open to plumbing apprentices and to lecturers Application forms available via www.waterregsuk.co.uk Water Regs UK has launched the WIAPS Education Sector (Water Industry Approved Plumbers Scheme), aimed at plumbing apprentices working towards recognised