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WIAPS Approved Contractors are approved to work on plumbing systems using mains water and has four different sectors.

Plumbers: Approved Plumbers can work on all parts of a plumbing system, from the external supply pipe right up to the kitchen and bathroom taps.

Groundworkers: Approved Groundworkers can work on the supply pipe (the underground pipe) supplying your property, up to the internal stop valve.

Catering Installers: Approved Catering Installers can install commercial kitchen equipment.

Point of Use Installers: Approved Point of Use Installers can install cold water chillers connected directly to the mains.

RPZ Valve Testers: For commissioning and testing RPZ backflow prevention valves.

Important Information
WIAPS recommend you read this important information during the selection process and employment of any potential contractor.
  • Your contract will be with the approved contractor or their employer and not WIAPS, so we cannot give assurance of their availability or guarantee their work.

  • Approved businesses employ qualified operatives. It is an individual not the business that become approved contractors for a specific scope of work

  • Please note, the checks made on members focus on technical competency and to ensure they adhere to WIAPS's requirements. For example approved contractor’s have been vetted to ensure they hold recognised qualifications. You may wish to conduct further checks of your own

  • We recommend that you ask in advance, whether there is a charge for giving a quote.

  • We recommend that you obtain at least 3 quotes to give you a comparison of the likely cost of the work.

  • We will not get involved in any contractual disputes between you and the contractor. However if you believe that the work completed may not comply with water fittings regulations then we have a customer complaints process.

  • Make sure the work is carries out or witnessed by a named contractor listed as being approved for that company.

  • Please make sure you receive a work completed certificate on completion of the work. This document gives you a legal defence provided that the approved contractor is approved for the scope of work completed.

What happens if something goes wrong?
WIAPS Approved Plumbers are required to put right any work which contravenes the Water Supply Regulation and Scottish Water Byelaws.

If something goes wrong, a WIAPS Approved Contractor will be required to put right any work which contravenes the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations and Scottish Water Byelaws. Each WIAPS Approved business is also required to hold public liability insurance of at least £2m. Without this cover, plumbing businesses cannot become a member of WIAPS.

WIAPS has a customer complaints process, which seeks to address any shortfall in technical compliance. Please note that the complaints process only covers technical compliance and not other concerns, such as the price charged.


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