Calculators & tools

Water Regs UK has developed a few tools to assist designers and installers. These have been made available for use direct from the Water Regs UK website.

Tools available

Important information

By using our app(s), you agree that the information contained in the app(s) is provided to you as a tool for information purposes only and does not constitute definitive compliance advice. 

You understand that whilst every effort has been made by Water Regs UK to ensure accurate functioning of the app(s), each installation is dependent on specific site and/or installation circumstances. Installing in accordance with the parameters calculated by our app(s) does not guarantee compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and byelaws.  It is the sole responsibility of the user of the app(s) to undertake all necessary testing of each installation to satisfy itself of compliance in each case.

By using our app(s), you agree that we make no claims, warranties, representations, promises or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of the information contained in, linked to, or referenced in our app(s), our servers, or our affiliated web sites and their servers. Water Regs UK shall not be liable for any losses resulting from non-compliance of any installation with the applicable laws, regulations or byelaws and any such responsibility and liability is expressly disclaimed.