Pipe Insulation Tool

This is an easy-to-use tool for designers, installers and property owners to work out how effective insulation will be in delaying the effects of cold weather on water pipes, such as freezing. By inputting information on a few key parameters it will calculate how many hours’ protection you can expect from different insulating materials.

To use the tool, you will need information for a range of factors including the pipe’s size and material; the expected water supply temperature and air temperature in the immediate surroundings of the pipe, the thickness of the insulation material and its thermal performance.

This tool uses the latest internationally-recognised calculation rules for stationary water in pipes – BS EN ISO 12241:2008, and guidance values from BS 5422:2009.

Water damage due to burst pipes can be expensive to repair. Ensuring water pipes exposed to cold conditions are sufficiently protected is essential to reduce the likelihood of pipe bursts, unnecessary damage and wasting precious water resources. As well as appropriate insulation, other preventative measures should be considered, such as; active protection systems (e.g. trace heating), or fixing dripping taps, to reduce the likelihood of pipe bursts.

Use the 'Pi Launch tool' button to access the tool via your web browser.

User guide

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