Certificates of Compliance

As a member of WIAPS, you have put your hand up to be the best. You have completed Water Regulations training, and to show your commitment to comply with these very important Regulations, and to help protect public health, you have registered as an Approved Contractor. But are you meeting your legal obligations as far as self-certification is concerned?

Notification exemptions
In addition to the requirement to give advance notification of work, approved contractors must also self-certify their work by issuing a certificate of compliance (work completed certificate). As a benefit to customer using approved contractor’s, there are certain works that do not require advanced notification when undertaken, and certified, by an approved contractor, speeding up the process.

Be the best
Water companies promote the use of approved plumbers as you are fully qualified and have a knowledge of the water regulations. This gives customers reassurance that you are competent and you will protect their water supply by ensuring your installations comply with the regulations.

The main reassurance you can give your customer is to issue them with a certificate on completion of the work stating that the work complies with the regulations. This is also a legal requirement under Regulation 6. Where the work requires notification, you must also send a copy to the water company supplying the property.

What do certificates look like?
To help you, WIAPS produces triplicate books of certificates for you to use. You can order replacement certificate books from WIAPS – 0333 207 9030 option 1.

So be the best!
Stand out from the average plumber down the road and be proud to issue your customer with a certificate for your work. This will raise the profile of Approved Contractors such as you!

Are you completing certificates correctly?

In order to ensure you are filling out work completed certificates correctly, WIAPS has produced
a guide, to help you understand when a certificate is required, and also how to complete a certificate correctly.

Download a copy here:

Guide to completing certificates


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