Latest Plumber Knowledge Quiz

A recent Water Regs UK study of UK plumbers and installers found that more than half agree that continued training is necessary to ensure good practise. Regularly testing your knowledge is a great way to know if you need any refresher training. We have created a series of short quizzes that will be refreshed every few months.*

Why not take a few minutes out to test your knowledge on the latest quiz.

Winter Water - Quiz

Plumbers and installers always receive increased calls about frozen pipes and broken boilers in winter. Answer the questions below to see how much you know about getting winter ready. Why is it important to fully insulate pipework that will be exposed to low temperatures? It can help prevent damage from freezing and bursting It always keeps the water at the desired temperature It always

Water Efficiency - Quiz

Water Efficiency Being savvy with water saving isn’t just a job for homeowners and residents, plumbers and installers have a role to play too. Answer the questions below to see how much you know. How many litres of water does the average UK household use per day? 150 250 350 450 It is a legal requirement of Water Fittings Regulations/Byelaws for homes to have a conveniently

Water Regulations - Quiz

Water Regulations It’s important for anyone doing plumbing to be aware of the water fittings regulations and byelaws. Answer the questions below to see how much you know. Which of these requirements do the Water Fittings Regulations and Byelaws NOT cover? Contamination of water Waste of water Water efficiency Undue consumption of water What type of contaminants does fluid

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