'Hall of Shame'

Amended July 2024

Welcome to our new “Hall of Shame” feature. This is a new feature where we share a picture themed on water fittings that you might have seen in your town.

This months’ shameful picture

This picture was taken in a busy town and shows the careless discarding of a hose filling a public water feature. Whilst public spaces and water features should be enjoyed by all, sharing the water from it by re-distributing through the public water supply, should backflow occur, is probably not what the townsfolk probably had in mind…

Seen something you want to share?

This is your opportunity to send in a picture you found on your travels. It can be funny, serious, or something which typically shows why we need to be more aware. Submissions should be in some way related to water fittings regulations and we will publish the best picture in the next edition.

Send in your picture and some details to newsletter@waterregsuk.co.uk.

Please note if you submit an image, you do so in accordance with the WRAS (now Water Regs UK) terms and conditions.

- Winter 2019

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