"OK Google, find me a plumber" One in five homeowners find plumbers online

 Water companies are last on list of places to find a plumbing professional

Family and friends are most popular choice for more than half of Brits

WRAS urges people to check plumbers are approved, regardless of how they are found 


Brits are shunning trusted and approved sources when searching for a plumber,according to new research. Just under 5 percent (4.65%) would go to their water company to find a plumbing professional, the figures have shown.

In fact, a higher percentage (6.8%) are more likely to ask strangers on Facebook.

While more than half (53.7%) would ask friends and family for a recommendation, a fifth (17.5%) admit to blindly searching online.

The study, by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS), asked homeowners about the process they go through when seeking out a new plumber. The findings show that consumers could be failing to do thorough research before commissioning plumbing work in their home.

When it comes to making a final selection for a job, personal recommendations still dominate (71%), while 55% rely on price to decide.

Only a third (32%) would choose a plumber because they have approved status.

WRAS is urging consumers to take extra care when selecting a plumber.

Julie Spinks,managing director of WRAS, said:“Friends, family and the internet can be a great source of helpful information in the first stages of finding a tradesperson. But when it comes to making a decision, it’s always best to check if your preferred supplier has been approved – water companies have helpful lists.

“We’d always recommend checking plumbers are members of an Approved Scheme like WaterSafe, which vets them to check they are suitably trained, insured and understand the relevant regulations to keep your water safe.”


*Survey of 2000 consumers, April 2019

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