RPZ FAQs: Notification

Do I still need to notify if I use an approved contractor?

Approved contractors are exempt from notifying certain plumbing work. However, this exemption does not include the construction of new premises or the installation of a new high risk system (fluid category 4 or 5).

In the case of existing high risk installations, although some approved contractor schemes do not require their members to notify the installation of an RPZ valve the majority are required to do so as part of their scheme terms and conditions.

Those not required to notify are nevertheless encouraged to do so. This is to assist their customers as they, not the installer, will be responsible for the RPZ once installed and have to comply with the RPZ AIM

In order for the valve to be consider as compliant or ‘in test’ an on-site commissioning and compliance test report have to be submitted to the local water undertaker and test intervals for subsequent testing confirmed by the water undertaker.

Installation of an RPZ valve in Scotland and Northern Ireland is always notifiable.


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