RPZ FAQs: Testing

What is meant by due date?

In addition to commissioning testing all RPZ valves require compliance testing. This is an onsite safety test to verify the valve is installed correctly and functioning satisfactorily.

Compliance testing shall be carried out at least annually or at more frequent intervals as specified by the water undertaker. The test due date is the date by which the next compliance test for a RPZ valve should be completed. Both test due date and compliance testing intervals are set by the water undertaker and cannot be changed without their consent.

To be considered as valid or ‘in test’ compliance testing of existing RPZ valves should be carried out no later than the test due date. In the case of RPZ valves tested annually compliance testing can be carried out no earlier than 30 days prior to the test due date. Early testing of other RPZ valves may be undertaken with the agreement of the water undertaker

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