Free training on the new AIM to be offered to all RPZ testers who are listed on the WRAS website

The Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) has confirmed changes to the Approved Installation Method (AIM) for Type BA devices (RPZ valves), Issue 2 of AIM 08-01.

The changes come after a comprehensive review by the water industry, which has concluded in the new AIM being published, and marks the start of a 12-month transition period.

This period will allow training providers to understand and adopt the changes,whilst allowing commissioners and testers time to access training before Issue 1 is withdrawn on 7th January 2021.

On behalf of the water industry, WRAS will be providing free training during the transition period to help currently approved RPZ testers become familiar with the changes, to ensure they can continue to be recognised by water companies after 7th January 2021.

RPZ valves play an important role in protecting people from the risk of the contamination from plumbing systems. The AIM has been updated to make ensure that commissioning and testing is carried out consistently to a suitable standard. It details the standards for commissioning and compliance testing RPZ valves, as well as improving the way equipment is calibrated and how tests are reported.

Water companies are also seeking to improve the recognition of RPZ testers by offering dedicated registration as part of limited scope sector within official Approved Contractor Schemes.

The new AIM will mean some changes for RPZ installers, testers, property owners and facility managers all are advised to read the new AIM and contact their water companies if they have any specific queries.

Julie Spinks, managing director of WRAS, said: “The water industry is committed to continuous improvement across every part of the industry. The new AIM has consolidated and formalised good practices to improve standards around RPZ valve commissioning, testing and reporting. 

“We will be writing to all registered RPZ testers and inviting them to carry out the necessary training,but we’d encourage them to make sure they keep their contact details up to date.”

Further information about the new AIM can be found on the WRAS website: /plumbing_professionals/rpz_testers/issue-2-update/  

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