New Education membership sector for WIAPS

  • Education membership sector is open to plumbing apprentices and to lecturers
  • Application forms available via

Water Regs UK has launched the WIAPS Education Sector (Water Industry Approved Plumbers Scheme), aimed at plumbing apprentices working towards recognised qualifications or lectures teaching recognised qualifications.

Water Regs UK administers WIAPS on behalf of 15 of the UK Water Undertakers in England and Wales. WIAPS is the largest of the six approved contractors’ schemes.

Education membership is being offered to plumbing apprentices who are studying for a plumbing qualification that is recognised by WIAPS and for lecturers who are teaching the courses.

Membership of the WIAPS Education Sector is currently free and comes with a number of benefits.

Members have access to digital resources to help members learn and lecturers teach about the Water Fittings Regulations and they receive technical updates relating to the regulations and to the WIAPS scheme.

They also receive a membership certificate to confirm their status as a student or lecturer member of the scheme.

Julie Spinks, Managing Director of Water Regs UK said:
“We want to help apprentices in their journey to become fully qualified approved plumbers. The UK has a shortage of plumbers. So apprentices who fully understand the water fittings regulations are essential to help keep water flowing safely and efficiently in the future.
It’s important to note that they will not be Approved Contractors, this can only happen once apprentices have qualified and applied to be full members. Approved Plumbers receive a long list of benefits including promotion through the Water Regs UK website and online directory as well as the backing of water companies who refer customers to WIAPS and WaterSafe to find a plumber.”

Applicants can download an application form to join the scheme via the Water Regs UK website:

A full list of plumbing qualifications accepted by WIAPS for the Educational Sector is available at the Water Regs UK website at

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