Join the Education Sector


The sector is open to lecturers and students. Members will benefit from:

  • Digital resource(s) to help members learn about the Regulations and to help lecturer members teach the Regulations.
  • Technical updates relating to the Scheme or the Regulations.
  • A membership certificate to confirm their status as either student or lecturer members of the Education Sector of the Scheme.

How to join

There are two basic requirements to become member of the Education Sector.

  1. You must be studying for a plumbing qualification recognised by WIAPS or you must be teaching a plumbing qualification recognised by WIAPS.
  2. You comply with the terms and conditions of the sector

For a list of plumbing qualifications accepted for membership please click here.

Student membership will expire when the recognised course is due to be completed. A student can apply to renew membership if they start a new recognised course. Any membership which is not renewed on or before the renewal date will automatically expire.

Lecturer membership will expire annually and members will be asked to provide proof they continue to teach a recognised course.

Members of the Education Sector are not Approved Contractors and must not display any WIAPS logos

Membership of WIAPS in the education sector is currently free.

If you meet the above requirements to download the application form to join the scheme click here.

You can download the terms and conditions of the scheme click here

If you meet the above requirements, or to enquire further about the sector, please contact WIAPS on 0333 207 9030 option 1.