Become an Approved Point of Use (POU) Installer

There are two basic requirements to become an Approved POU Installer.

  1. You must hold a recognised qualification that has been developed for the POU Installer sector in Water Regulations Knowledge.
  2. You must hold the relevant minimum level of liability insurance.


Recognised Point Of Use regulations certificates

Water Regulations Knowledge certificates from the following organisations are recognised for Point of Use Installer sector membership.

Awarding organisation

Qualification title

Dates accepted


BPEC by Elements training and Assessment Ltd

WHA Mains-fed Installation Standards & Water Regulations Course



Please note: If you hold the full Water Regulations Knowledge certificate (suitable for entry as an Approved Plumber) these are also recognised for sector membership - see Water Regulations Training (Plumbing Installer).

Historic awards

The following qualifications can be recognised provided they were issued within the dates detailed below.

Awarding organisation

Qualification title

Dates accepted


NSF (or its predecessor WRc)

EDWCA (or its predecessor EPDWA) POU Installer/Water Cooler Course




If you do not have an recognised certificate then the following providers may be able to offer training.

Providers of recognised Point Of Use water regulations training

The following providers offer sector specific water regulations training.

Certification / Training providers


Provided through Water Dispenser & Hydration Association (WHA). Contact WHA for information on training courses Tel: 01707 656 382, email:

Alternatively, a certificate of Water Regulations Knowledge (suitable for entry as an Approved Plumber) that covers the all of the regulations is also recognised - see Water Regulations Training (Plumbing Installers)


For a company employing more than one person, the minimum required level of insurance required is £5m employer liability and £2m public liability. For sole traders, a minimum of £2m public liability insurance is required.


Approved Point of Use Installers can install cold water chillers or water coolers connected directly to the mains or fed from a wholesome water cistern, within the geographical boundaries of WIAPS

Point of Use Installers are not approved to issue certificates of compliance for:

  • other types of water fittings or plumbing systems;
  • excavations on the public highway;
  • the operation of or connection to a water undertakers’ outside stop valve;
  • work on waste pipes or drainage systems.

Membership fee

An annual fee of £78 plus VAT will be introduced from 1st April 2024 for any business that has sector members.

Sector members include: external services installers, sometimes called Water Supply Pipe Installers or groundworkers, Catering installers, Point of use installers and RPZ valve testers.

The £78 plus VAT fee will be the same for all businesses, regardless of the number of approved individuals


If you meet the above requirements, you can download an application form click here.

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