Become an Approved RPZ Valve Tester

RPZ Valve Tester sector is special sector within WIAPS. Its purpose is to approve RPZ Valve Testers who can verify conformity of an RPZ valve against the requirements of the RPZ valve AIM 08-01 and the Regulations, through reporting observations, test results and failures when they occur.

There are three principle requirements to become an Approved RPZ Valve Tester.

  1. You must hold an RPZ Valve Tester qualification recognised by the Scheme.
  2. You must hold the relevant minimum level of liability insurance.
  3. You must hold and maintain calibration certification for all test equipment.


RPZ valve testers must have qualifications to the latest Issue 2 of the Water Industry Approved Installation Method for RPZ valves (AIM 08-01).

Recognised RPZ Valve Tester qualifications

Qualifications certificates from the following organisations are recognised for RPZ Valve Tester Sector membership

Awarding organisation

Qualification title

Dates accepted


City & Guilds accredited programme (issued by Hydro-X Training)

HXT-W17 - RPZ Valve Tester Training



L​CL Awards

R​PZ Valve Commissioning, Testing and Inspection (LCLRPZ)



NICEIC Certification (issued by Develop Training Ltd)

Type BA – Verifiable backflow preventer with reduced pressure zone



Historic qualifications

The following qualifications can be recognised provided they were issued within the dates detailed below.

Please note applicants must hold both qualifications to be recognised.

Awarding organisation

Qualification title

Dates accepted


1) City & Guilds

WNCS11 issued by Develop Training (or its predecessor WTI) Type BA Verifiable Reduced Pressure Zone Device Testing Training Course Water, and



2) Water Regulations Advisory Scheme

RPZ AIM 08-01 Issue 2 Conversion Training and Assessment




If you do not have an recognised qualification then the following providers may be able to offer training.

Providers of recognised RPZ Valve Testing training

The following providers offer sector specific RPZ valve testing training.

Certification / Training providers

NICEIC Certification

Develop Training Ltd -

City & Guilds Accredited Programme

Hydro-X Training -

Insurance requirements

For a company employing more than one person, the minimum required level of insurance required is £5m employer liability and £2m public liability. For sole traders, a minimum of £2m public liability insurance is required.


Membership of WIAPS as an approved RPZ Valve Tester is currently free.

If you meet the above requirements, download the application form to join the scheme click here, or to enquire further about the sector, please contact WIAPS: email or telephone 01495 983 010 option 1.

By signing up to WIAPS, you are agreeing to abide by the Terms and Conditions for the RPZ Sector Scheme and make yourself available for audit as and when required. Below is a list of resources relating to WIAPS RPZ Valve Tester membership.


Individual approved RPZ Valve Testers will not be Approved Contractors as defined in the Water Fittings Regulations.

In regards, to notification or other work associated with installing or replacing RPZ valves, these activities are outside the scope of the approved RPZ Valve Tester sector.

When installing or replacing RPZ valves every installer must meet the requirements as set out in the AIM and the Regulations. Where installers are separately approved as an Approved Contractor, they must meet their scheme’s requirements.