Terms and conditions for 'free' triplicate certificate of compliance books

  1. Only available to current members of WIAPS who are in sectors for plumbing, external services, point of use or catering installers. These are classed as ‘Approved Contractors’ under the water fittings regulations for a specific scope of work.
  2. Current members does not include any members who are suspended or who have not renewed their membership.
  3. The books can only be used by the Approved Contractor they are issued to.
  4. In every 12 months there is a limitation of 12 books per Approved Contractor.
  5. Books will be supplied in packs of two and new books cannot be ordered until two months after each approved contractors’ last order. Books are available for purchase if they are required more frequently.
  6. Individuals leaving the scheme and who are not current members must not issue a certificate of compliance. Unused books should be returned to the WIAPS office.
  7. WIAPS reserves the right to refuse to supply triplicate books where:
    • there are concerns that certificates of compliance, in whatever format, have been used inappropriately or
    • a member has not met the terms and conditions of the scheme and other scheme requirements of the scheme or
    • guidance provided by WIAPS about how to complete a certificate of compliance has not been followed.
  8. Approved contractors must only issue certificates of compliance:
    • for installations that are within the scope of the scheme and
    • the scope of the individuals' approval and
    • where the installation complies with the water fittings regulations and
    • where the installation has been installed by the Approved Contractor themselves or where the work has been completed by others, the Approved Contractor shall physically inspect all aspects of the installation or to be able to certify that it complies with the water fittings regulations. Physical inspection means the Approved Contractor has inspected all aspects of the installation in person and has not relied on photos or videos
  9. Approved contractors must not issue certificates of compliance for:
    • Water company mains
    • The water company communication pipe between the water company main and the customers supply pipe. E.g. upstream of the external stop tap.
    • Excavations on the public highway
    • The operation of or connection to a water undertakers outside stop valve.
  10. Please note that liabilities may arise for any business where an employee or sole trader issues a certificate of compliance for work which is not compliant with legal requirements. These liabilities may arise in contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty, misrepresentation, or in other ways. This is relevant where the work has been carried out by an employee and where they have issued a certificate of compliance for work completed by another person, whether employed or not by the business
  11. A certificate of compliance must be issued to the Customer for every installation.
  12. Where Notification has been given and an Approved Contractor undertakes the work, the Regulations require that you submit a certificate of compliance to the relevant Water Company within 10 days of completing that work.
  13. For those works that do not require notification by an Approved Contractor, namely Sections 2 and 4(b) of the Table in Regulation 5, a certificate of compliance must be submitted to the incumbent water company within 10 days of completing the work.
  14. A certificate of compliance should also be sent to a water company for rectification work following an enforcement notice being issued on a premises or an audit.

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