WaterSafe campaigns

WaterSafe is working hard to promote the use of approved plumbers, and here we aim to detail some of the work undertaken by WaterSafe.

Following on from the successful relaunch of the refreshed website, the WaterSafe team recently launched the‘Moving House’ campaign.

The aim of the campaign is to encourage new homeowners, and those moving home, to check their plumbing when they move in and use a WaterSafe Approved plumber if there is any work to be done. It includes five top tips from WaterSafe plumbers.

Previous campaigns include `wrap up for winter`, encouraging the public to get their plumbing checked by an approved plumber to ensure they won’t suffer any leaks.

WaterSafe also worked with the NHS on the Health Technical Memorandum HTM-04-01: Safe Water in Healthcare Premises, which now includes are commendation to use WaterSafe Approved Plumbers.

Separately, WaterSafe is currently working on a member pack which will be available to all WaterSafe members, and will include information on how better to promote your business. 

Are you advertising your WaterSafe membership as well as you could be? WaterSafe are offering three free vehicle stickers for each individual member, so get in touch now to claim yours!

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