What are the benefits of using an approved plumber?

The benefits of using a WIAPS Approved Plumber are that it makes any installation process more straight forward for customers. It should provide peace-of-mind in knowing that the plumbing work in their home or business premises meets the legal requirements and there will be reduced risk of contamination to their water supply.

In addition, some work carried out by the approved plumbers can be carried out without the need to notify the water supplier in advance. For most types of plumbing work, plumbers have a legal duty to notify the water supplier before they start work and this can lead to delays.

To ensure consumers are properly protected an Approved Plumber will issue a ‘work completed’ certificate for their work. This provides a defence for property owners who are challenged by water supplier’s when enforcing the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations and Scottish Water Byelaws.

If you are a plumber look at the ‘Get Approved’ section

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